Relaunch for site and projects

We apologise for the delay in getting back out in the streets for re-planting the tubs, we are in the process of planning a variety of projects and will be out shortly to get our planned planting back under-way.

For a brief update, we lost some valuable members. With this setback, we had to recruit new board members and adopt a new constitution. Shona and Alex have been very welcome additions buzzing with some very good ideas.

Over the winter period we have taken stock and with support from plot holders we have been able to develop temporary facilities toconduct maintencnace of teh planters, create new benches, and develop a small nursery. We will be looking for something more permanent but appreciate all the support plot holders and residents have given us.

We are expecting to be back out on the street in the next 2-3 weeks (weather permitting) to re-plant the tubs, remove some of the older planters for refurbishment and introduce some new planters.

We are redeveloping the website so that we can share all our latest news, press releases, and any other information that we feel would be of interest. The development of the site should be completed by next week.

Wew hope that you stick around to learn more about our project and if you have some time, we are always on the lookout for volunteers!

We look forward to working back within the town and developing some new projects shortly!

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