enhancing the local environment

Social Objectives

We work closely with residents and business owners in the Lochgelly area to carry out various projects to improve the environment in the local area.


To identify open and green spaces within Lochgelly area and adjacent countryside, including the Gelly Loch, with the aim to enhance the local area, encourage and improve access to green spaces and core pathways, develop areas to better support the local ecosystem and develop/encourage greater biodiversity within the locality.

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Additional Aims

Carry out and promote both environmental improvement and practical conservation. Promote the health and well-being of the community by working together to increase community spirit and community participation. Organise meetings, training courses and events.


To raise and hold money and other resources, including grant funding, to continue the activities of the group. To assist and co-operate with other community groups within the area. To do all such other lawful things as are necessary for the achievement of the objectives.

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Membership of the group shall be open to those in sympathy with and supporting the OBJECT of the group regardless of age, ethnic origin, ability, sex, religious or political beliefs. The Management Committee shall have the power to refuse membership to an applicant where it is considered such membership would be detrimental to the objectives of the group.

All our work is guided under the terms of our constitution

About Us

Volunteering all year-round to enhance the environment of Lochgelly
Lochgelly based voluntary Environment Action Group

Growing in Lochgelly was set-up in response to the priorities for action identified through the Lochgelly Community Action Plan completed in 2015.

The Community Action Plan has been informed by extensive community engagement carried out over a six-month period from March - August 2015.

Growing in Lochgelly sought funding of £1500 through the Lochgelly CAP project and was voted worthy of the funds by residents voting on projects to support.

The project won Lochgelly the Bronze Beautiful Fife award in 2016, the first time ever.

  • March Equinox to June Solstice

  • June Solstice to September Equinox

  • September Equinox to December Solstice

  • December Solstice to March Equinox


Our dedicated board members and volunteers

Shona MacPherson


Connor Watt


Dod Kinnell


Alex Macari

Board Member

Teresa Kemp

Board Member

James Johnstone

Board Member

Amyrose Glen

Junior Member

Priorities for Action

Maintain green spaces and core paths

View the Lochgelly Community Action Plan

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